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69 Days Until the Litecoin Summit. Elon Tweets 69 Same Day? Coincidence?

Elon Musk is best known for Paypal, Telsa, Space X, and Boring Company. But he is also known for his love and support of Dogecoin which is merged mineable with Litecoin.

He even is known as the best meme poster on Twitter. With over 100 Million followers, today he posted the image below. Yes, it's two tapes arranged as a 6 and 9. Cleverly, he posted sex tape above the image, a true dad joke.

At first glance, I thought it was Elon being Elon. But I also remember seeing that there are 69 days until the Litecoin Summit. Could it be that Elon is foreshadowing that he will make an appearance at the Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas on October 21st?

If anyone was to make a sex tape it would probably go down in Las Vegas just saying.

Get your tickets now and come to the Litecoin Summit, who knows maybe Elon will be there.


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