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8 Reasons Why Litecoin Can Outperform Ethereum

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

1. Litecoin to Ethereum ratio

Litecoin has been in a downward slide against Ethereum when it comes to price since 2019. If litecoin were to return to previous historical ratio to Ethereum there is an upside of 14x. This means that litecoin could outperform Ethereum by 14 times. This is in addition to any upside that Ethereum might have.

2. # of new addresses

Since August 2021, Litecoin's network growth has been out pacing Ethereum's. Currently, the Litecoin network is seeing 158k new addresses per day, while Ethereum network has 94k new addresses.

3. Total number of unique addresses

Ethereum has been outgaining Litecoin with total number of unique addresses since 2018, However, since 2021, Litecoin unique addresses are growing at a faster pace. If this continues Litecoin unique addresses are expected to pass Ethereum's unique addresses at the end of 2022.

4. NFTs and Stable Coins

Ethereum network was the first network to allow for stable coins to be built on top of it. It made sense using the platform to create them. However, Litecoin network now has the capability to create stable coins. The main advantage is the fees to use the network are much lower on Litecoin than Ethereum's.

Ethereum was the most popular platform for NFTs in 2021 and continues to be one of the most popular networks to mint NFTs. However, more networks have since added this feature such as Litecoin. NFTs can now be created on the Litecoin blockchain using Omnilite, which is a layer 2 network protocol that was first created for Bitcoin.

5. Network Fees

Litecoin has much lower fees than Ethereum, Ethereum's average fees are around $10 today, but have previously skyrocketed upwards of $200 in 2021. Litecoin's fees have remained low due to a change in fee structure that was lowered in 2018 during the upgrade in that year. The litecoin developers anticipated continued growth and lowered the fee structure purposefully.

6. Fixed Total Supply

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin in that it has a fixed total supply and the block rewards are cut in half every 4 years. Currently, there are 69M Litecoin released with a total of 84M that will ever be created. Ethereum has an infinite supply as every block continues to reward miners indefinitely.

7. Fairness

Litecoin is argued as the fairest launch crypto of all time with no pre-mine, no initial coin offering, no developers tax. Ethereum on the other hand had all three of these.

8. Fungibility

Litecoin is about to add a new technology feature called mimble wimble extension blocks (MWEB) that will allow for optional confidential transactions that will allow for cash-like payments. Currently, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin all of the transaction amounts sent and received between two-parties are recorded for all of the world to see. This has it's advantages and disadvantages, primarily the main disadvantage is lack of fungibility. After the Litecoin MWEB upgrade, litecoin will have much better fungibility than Ethereum and Bitcoin.


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