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A better Twitter built on the Litecoin Network

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

As big-tech continues to censor and push their own agenda, its time to take back social platforms for the people. A decentralized social communications platform that can't be censored would be ideal for people to communicate different ideas across the world. A platform would need to be decentralized, fair, fast and have low fees for transactions.

Litecoin is the best network that combines all of these different qualities of a decentralized network.

Here is how it can be done on litecoin today, the infrastructure is already there. All that would be needed is a litecoin wallet supporting omnilite.

The first "tweet" on litecoin omnilite was on January 14th, 2022. It was created as a token and communicated on the network with the following message.

Hello - This is the worlds first decentralized litecoin tweet in the world, this shows that using omnilite on litecoin blockchain we can build a decentralized twitter platform

How to build a decentralized twitter on litecoin. The first step is to take open source litecoin wallet modify to support omnilite. The new wallet will then let users create and display messages by #hashtag & token creator. That's it. Simple. Decentralized.

Now, everyone in the world can communicate on this network, there will be many litecoin wallets that can send messages, receive messages. If a particular wallet chooses to censor then someone can just use another wallet that connects to the open decentralized network.

Every "tweet" will cost a little bit of litecoin, to ensure scammers can't spam the network just like today, the minimum fees are used to prevent spam transactions.

Yes Elon, it's time to build a better twitter on the Litecoin Network.


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