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Apple to integrate Bitcoin lightning payments soon?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Jack Mallers the founder of Strike which is one of the worlds most popular Bitcoin lightning wallets is hinting that Strike will make an announcement with Apple at the Bitcoin conference April 7th.

On March 24th, Jack posted a tweet that in two weeks there would be an announcement. He posted (4) photos, and one of these photos Jack was wearing an Apple hat and giving a Chase ATM the middle-finger.

In one of the other photos, it showed that he will be giving the announcement on Thursday April 7th.

Jack posted this video with Steve Jobs and Apple and how it is the crazy ones who change the world. It's safe to assume that Jack is the one who is about to change the world.

Jack later also posted this video:

Bitcoin lightning is a layer-2 technology that locks up bitcoin in a channel that can be used like a bar tab to make lightning fast payments. There are 3,628 BTC on the lightning network and 86k channels.

Litecoin also has this layer-2 technology but is less popular due to it's on-chain capacity and fees at this time.

Did you know that Jack Mallers and Charlie Lee (the founder of litecoin) did the first lightning transactions on litecoin before bitcoin?


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