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April 2022 Litecoin MWEB Update

Litecoin is in the final 2-week stretch before Litecoin MWEB go lives on the network. If you don't know about MWEB it's a technology that adds the missing characteristic of good money that Bitcoin and Litecoin are currently lacking.

The final release software should be out today and people all across the world will be upgrading in preparation of the historic event on May 19th at block height 2,265,984. Coincidently, MWEB will be activated at the block height ending in 84, is this a symbol from god? the universe, or just plain luck? that it coincides with only 84 Million litecoin ever to be in existence.

Litecoin developer David Burkett has been providing monthly updates since he started the project in December 2019. Here is the latest post from him on the monthly status.

David Burkett

April 2022

I’m starting this new topic for monthly MWEB updates which will continue on from the previous one 2.

April 2022 Progress:


Testing of the final RCs went really well. All major workflows seem to be working smoothly.

The majority of mining pools have reported to us that they’ve successfully mined MWEB blocks in testnet, and are ready for activation on mainnet.


MWEB officially locked in 1 at height 2,257,920!

Starting at block 2,265,984 (~May 19th), MWEB will be activated on mainnet, and everyone who has updated to v0.21.2 will be able to start sending and receiving LTC using the MWEB.

Final v0.21.2 Release

The final release will be available later this evening at

Anyone interested in using the MWEB, and especially those who installed one of the earlier release candidates, should upgrade to the official v0.21.2 before MWEB activates. If you wait until after MWEB activation to upgrade, you’ll unfortunately be required to resync the blockchain from scratch.

While the consensus logic has been solid for a while now, the wallet has undergone drastic changes these past few months as we worked to resolve issues found during testing. The major workflows all seem to be working well now, and I expect most people to be able to use MWEB without issue, but this was an enormous change, so don’t hesitate to report any bugs or behavior that seems off to you.


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