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BlackRock Tweeted Will Litecoin Overtake Bitcoin in 2014

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

BlackRock is making headlines this week as a new partnership with Coinbase was announced, but did you know they actually tweeted about Litecoin in 2014?

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world (9.57 trillion USD) actually tweeted about Litecoin in 2014. This means BlackRock has been watching Litecoin for over 8 years. The other interesting part about the tweet is they asked "First bitcoin, now litecoin?" and linked to an article with the headline"Litecoin In 2014: Will The Cryptocurrency Overtake Bitcoin In The New Year?".

Here is the tweet:

Litecoin hasn't been able to do that yet and may never, but with its layer-1 speed, capacity, and now private, confidential, and scalable transactions it seems even more plausible. Most recently this was made possible with the Litecoin MWEB upgrade that solved the last missing characteristics of good money that Bitcoin still lacks.

The new partnership with Coinbase would finally give BlackRock and its customers access to Bitcoin initially, but would also allow for Litecoin in the future.

Perhaps, BlackRock is telling us now that 2022 and beyond will be the year of Litecoin.


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