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Community Call To Arms - MWEB Outreach

New to MWEB?

For a great primer check out one of our past articles by clicking here

MWEB Signaling Begins

Litecoin's first MWEB signaling window opened on February 25th, 2022 at block 2,217,600. As of the time of this writing, the only major mining pool that has begun signaling for MWEB activation has been Antpool. Antpool has also begun signaling for Taproot.

Poolin has also begun signaling for Taproot, but hasn't signaled yet for MWEB.

If you are interested in tracking the signaling process, you can do so by going to

When will MWEB activate?

MWEB will activate at block 2,225,663 if 75% or more of blocks mined in the first window have signaled for activation. The same is also true for Taproot. If at the end of Window 1, activation has not been achieved, Window 2 will open for signaling at block 2,225,664.

Litecoin is primarily mined by individual miners pooling their hashing (mining) power into pools. Miners mine together at a pool, splitting the proceeds from block proportionally to their contribution. Today, there are currently about 25 pools that control at least 1% of Litecoin's total hash rate.

The top 10 mining pools as of today are shown in the chart below (according to

To keep it simple, if around 80% of hashing power begins signaling soon, we should be able to activate during Window 1. How do we get there? Well, Antpool is already signaling. If ViaBTC,, and F2Pool start to signal we're already at 76.4%. If one or two smaller pools were to join, activation would be all but guaranteed in Window 1. If activation isn't achieved during Window 1, Window 2 will begin as soon as Window 1 closes.

How can the community help? What can you do?

Now that you understand how signaling works, you recognize the importance of the mining pools to begin signaling for MWEB activation. Here's where you and I come in. We need to reach out to all of the top mining pools and ask them to update their mining software and begin signaling for MWEB. Email, Twitter, whatever, all is fair game. As a representative of the community, it's in everyone's best interest to be polite and professional. The contact information for the top pools can be found in the table below. Now let's get at it #LitecoinFam!



Twitter Handle















Update: 2022.02.25 10:30 PM EST

Added Poolin information to Mining Pool table


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