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DCG to repurchase up to $30 million shares of Litecoin Trust ($LTCN)

Digital Currency Group, Inc. (“DCG”), the parent company of Grayscale Investments, LLC, announced today that its Board of Directors has authorized a share repurchase program by DCG of up to $30 million worth of shares of Grayscale® Litecoin Trust (OTCQX: LTCN)

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LTCN is the first publicly-quoted Litecoin investment vehicle in the United States where investors can get a secure exposure to litecoin.

LTCN is publicly traded and available on most brokerage accounts like TD Ameritrade and Fidelity.

LTCN is currently trading at a -43.78% discount compared to the underlying amount of litecoin per share. Each share has about $10.10 worth of litecoin at current price of 1 litecoin at $111.63, yet the LTCN is trading at $5.95.


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