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Developer Forks Bitcoin Ordinals for Litecoin and Mints First Ever Litecoin Ordinal NFT

In recent news, a developer known as Crypto Anthony, who can be found on Twitter under the handle @anthonyonchain and on Github as ynohtna92, made an interesting move by forking the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol to support Litecoin. Bitcoin Ordinals have taken the crypto industry by storm recently as it allowed for digital art on the blockchain and essentially created Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens.

He took the existing Bitcoin ordinal protocol code and modified it to work with Litecoin. As expected, the fork required some adjustments to the ordinal number scheme (sat count), given that Litecoin has four times as many as Bitcoin and other compatible changes. Those changes can be reviewed here.

Some of the other changes that were required were to modify the main dependency rust-bitcoin so it could decode and encode ltc addresses, a minor change. The hardest part was to figure out a way to allow for MWEB SegWit flagged transactions to be filtered out as optional to process these. Because of how rust-bitcoin is programmed vs Bitcoincore, it was required that the whole blockdata be consumed. For now, these errors are ignored, it's not perfect but it works until MWEB is integrated fully into the fork rust-litecoin.

Additionally, the ordinals sat explorer using degrees has to be changed to work with litecoin as well as the epoch cycles which is just an ordinal concept. This part wasn't really needed but it was done so ord-litecoin was properly ported.

With this modification, Crypto Anthony became the first person to mint a Litecoin Ordinal essentially creating a digital artifact. In keeping with the recent Litecoin MWEB upgrade, he chose to inscribe the mimble wimble white paper onto the first Litecoin Ordinal, inscription 0. This move ensures that the white paper will always remain on the Litecoin blockchain, untouched and unaltered forever.

The developer's efforts were also motivated by a bounty reward of 22 LTC, which was offered to the first person to successfully fork the Bitcoin ordinals to support Litecoin.

This reward served as an incentive for developers to get involved and contribute to the creation of Litecoin Ordinals, allowing users to create unique Litecoin "NFTs" with their own personalized inscriptions.

Crypto Anthony's efforts in forking the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol to support Litecoin have opened up a new avenue for the creation of unique and valuable Litecoin Ordinals. With this development, users can now mint their own personalized Litecoin "NFTs" and enjoy the transparency and immutability that the Litecoin blockchain provides.

The arrival of the Litecoin Ordinals protocol will enable users to inscribe digital art and files up to 4MB.

This has demonstrated a new, high-value use case for the longest-running cryptocurrency chain with 100% uptime.



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