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Double the Rewards, Half the Hassle: Lokotech's S1 Hashblade Mines both Litecoin & Dogecoin

Do you want to mine Litecoin and Dogecoin in one simple mining device? Check out the new S1 Hashblade from Lokotech. This efficient mining device can plug and pay into a standard desktop computer and can start earning block rewards from two of the top OG decentralized networks.

The Lokotech Scrypt ASIC, named the S1 Hashblade, and the Ten Stack, a 10-stack configuration of Hashblades, are now available for pre-order!

Lokotech Scrypt ASIC - S1 Hashblade

The Lokotech S1 Hashblade is a GPU-style hashblade boasting unparalleled efficiency with a power consumption of approximately 0.0726 J/MH. The device delivers a hashrate of 1.9968 GH/s at 145W (+/- 10%). What sets the S1 Hashblade apart is its ability to retrofit into existing hardware seamlessly by connecting directly into a PCIe X1 slot. This flexibility allows miners to optimize their current setups without the need for major overhauls.

The core of the S1 Hashblade comprises 128 pieces of Lokotech's proprietary ASICs mounted on a single PCB, serving as the brain, heart, and soul of this innovative product. Powered by 2x 8/6pin PCIe power connectors (also known as EATX12V), the S1 Hashblade communicates over PCIe 1x or flat-cable using the USB communication protocol. Whether cooled by air or immersion, Lokotech ensures efficient cooling for optimal performance.

Lokotech Ten Stack

For those seeking a more hard-core mining experience, Lokotech offers the Ten Stack, a packaged solution for both new miners and mining veterans. This product is an assembly of 10 S1 Hashblades, forming a powerful mining server designed for plug-and-play convenience.

Lokotech takes care of the entire setup process, including building, installing, and shipping a server ready to mine upon arrival. Customers can request additional services such as OS and driver installation, along with the inclusion of pool user information. This "Hassle-free" approach is aimed at streamlining the mining experience, allowing users to focus on the rewards rather than the technicalities.

The Ten Stack server measures 175mm (h) * 805 mm (w) * 440 mm (d) and boasts an estimated hashrate of 19.97 GH/s (+/- 10%) and a power consumption of 1750 W (+/- 10%) at the wall. The power supply is versatile, supporting both 230v and 110v, ensuring compatibility with various electrical setups. To guarantee efficient cooling, the system incorporates ten 90mm double ball silent fans with speeds ranging from 500 to 4500 RPM.

The power supply unit is a robust 3300W gold-rated unit, while the CPU is an Intel Celeron G3900 or better. Lokotech emphasizes that final specifications may vary as they are committed to continuous improvement.

Pricing and Availability

The Lokotech Hashblade is available for individual purchase at $1999, providing an affordable entry point for miners looking to mine from home. For those seeking a larger turnkey solution, the Lokotech S1 10x Hashblades in the form of the Ten Stack is priced at $20,199.

Lokotech's commitment to decentralization and efficient mining will help support and secure both Litecoin and Dogecoin networks.

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