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Earn free Litecoin from your everyday purchases with a BlockFi Rewards Credit Card

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Did you know you can earn free #Litecoin by making purchases anywhere Visa is accepted? Well, if you didn't, consider this your notice.

In July 2021 BlockFi released their long-awaited Bitcoin rewards card which offered 1.5% rewards in the form of Bitcoin (*3.5% is an introductory offer that spans the first 90 days of card ownership, beginning on the date of card activation. The introductory offer is capped at $100 dollars in bitcoin). As you spend money throughout the month you accumulate bonus points which are then redeemed and converted to BTC which is deposited into your BlockFi Interest Account once a month (at the time of this writing rewards are now deposited into your BlockFi Wallet). What I found particularly innovative at the time was that the redeemed rewards would then start bearing interest of their own.

At launch, BlockFi rewards were only available in Bitcoin. A few months later, after lots of feedback from the Litecoin and Crypto community at large, they upped the reward offerings by allowing users to redeem reward points in Litecoin and other cryptos.

If you haven't already signed up for a BlockFi account you can sign up at After you've signed up, you will be able to apply for the BlockFi Rewards Card in the BlockFi app or via their website. If you've made it this far, congrats! You're ready to earn some free Litecoin!

By default, when your card is issued, you will receive all rewards in BTC. This can be changed to Litecoin, but with the small caveat being that you need to make the change using the BlockFi website. Rewards cannot be adjusted in the BlockFi app.

So how do I elect to get my BlockFi rewards in Litecoin?

  1. Login to your BlockFi account at

  2. From the Dashboard select Credit Card

  3. Select the Rewards tab on the left as shown in the first image

  4. Under the Manager Rewards header select the Rewards Currency dropdown and select Litecoin as shown in the second image.

  5. After selecting you will see a message stating Rewards currency preference updated

  6. Use your BlockFi Rewards card anywhere Visa is accepted and start earning 1.5% back in Litecoin rewards!


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