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Exciting Pre-Sale Announcement: Lokotech Unveils New Litecoin and Dogecoin Miners!

Are you ready to mine Litecoin and Dogecoin from home on a standard PC? You can now with the new hashblade from Lokotech. The new miner offers the best efficiency with low power usage. Plus this new miner will slide into your existing PCI slot!

With an impressive hashrate of 1.9968 GH/s and a power consumption of just 145W (+/- 10%). This GPU-style hashblade doesn't rely on additional fans, ensuring a silent and efficient operation for your mining needs, while fitting in a standard computer tower. This low power usage and high hashrate will allow for individuals to get into mining without requiring expensive and high power consuming ASICs like the L7 from BitMain.

Bitmain L7 - Litecoin and Dogecoin Scrypt Miner

Not to mention, the Lokotech miner is 4 times more efficient than the L7, making it the most efficient Litecoin and Dogecoin miner available today.

Energy/Hashrate Data:

  1. Bitmain L7 is 0.36 J/MH

  2. Lokotech miner is 0.0726 J/MH

The new Lokotech miner is significantly more efficient in terms of energy per hashrate ratio, meaning it can generate more hashing power per watt of electricity consumed.

One of the other notable advantages of mining the Scrypt algorithm is the simultaneous mining of Litecoin and Dogecoin. At present, Dogecoin accounts for a significant 80% of the total miner revenue, this is largely due to the influence Elon has on Dogecoin. What also sets the Scrypt mining process apart from SHA-256 Bitcoin mining is the ability to earn block rewards in two top digital currency networks simultaneously.

Lokotech is on a mission to make mining accessible for all people helping maintain the decentralization of mining. With a powerful miner packed into a standard PCI card it minimizes the barrier to entry and an enables hobbyist, and litecoin and dogecoin enthusiasts to start mining.

Co-founder Ben Miklozek proudly states, "We believe that decentralization isn't accomplished by the number of ASICs running, it's done by the number of miners mining!"

At a pre-sale price expected of $1999 USD, this is an opportunity to start mining without a major investment in power, cooling and infrastructure.

If you want to learn more watch the presentation at the Litecoin Summit 2022.

Ready to get started and secure your Hashblade during the pre-sale? Visit Lokotech's official website to join the queue and be part of the mining revolution.


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