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Google Cloud To Accept Litecoin For Payments Using Coinbase Commerce

Today, Google Cloud and Coinbase announced a new, long-term strategic partnership. Within that partnership, Google Cloud will also accept Litecoin and 9 other cryptocurrencies for payments using Coinbase Commerce.

Some of the largest companies using Google Cloud are PayPal, Home Depot, Twitter, P&G, King, Airbus, Equifax, UPS, Etsy, and Target. In 2021, Google Cloud had 19 Billion in revenue and Amazon AWS had 62 billion in 2021.

The Coinbase Commerce platform helps merchants anywhere in the world accept litecoin and other cryptocurrencies as payments. Merchants can get paid in litecoin, and access powerful tools for crypto integration and business analysis.

By selecting Coinbase Commerce it will be seamless for Google Cloud customers to pay with Litecoin quickly and easily.



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