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Governor DeSantis wants to allow businesses to pay with cryptocurrencies

On March 22, 2022 Governor DeSantis from Florida signed a bill requiring financial literacy class for high school students. After the bill was signed, he discussed how cryptocurrencies are evolving, and how he has directed the state agencies to allow Florida to accept cryptocurrencies if a business wants to do that.

Litecoin is the 2nd most used cryptocurrencies for payments online next to bitcoin due to its low fees, reliability, availability, network capacity and speed. Litecoin is simply fair, fast and fun to use.

He went on to say "something like a bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies they should be willing to accept."

Litecoin is also the most Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency. Litecoin is the next closest cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, since Litecoin's code is based heavily on Bitcoins, both are fair launched, and have over a decade of decentralized run-time.

He also talked about how decentralized digital currency are much better than a centrally controlled central bank digital currency and the hazards of the US government adopting a CBDC.

Watch the clip here:


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