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Is This Elon Musk's Litecoin Wallet?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

A mysterious new Litecoin wallet has broken into the top ten this week. What makes this wallet unique is that it appears to be a vanity litecoin wallet address. Just like a vanity license plate where someone wants to place a message to convey sentiment, promotion, or vanity. This litecoin wallet address appears to convey a message about Mars and to HODL

Here is the litecoin address:


The other interesting fact about this Litecoin wallet address is that it was created 6-months ago on January 24th, 2022 and has been slowly accumulating Litecoin until June 14th, when the address suddenly exploded in accumulation, jumping from 124th to currently being one of the top Litecoin wallets at #7.

Now, the next question is who could the owner be of a such a wallet? The first and most obvious potential person is Elon Musk. Elon as we all know has made it his mission for humanity to reach Mars in our lifetime.

Since January he has tweeted 14 times about mars. One of the first tweets several days after the address was created he tweeted this:

Interestingly, on June 19th he tweeted that he was supporting Dogecoin and when asked if he was buying he replied with "I am."

Now, he didn't come out and say he was buying Litecoin, but as we all know Dogecoin is merged mined with Litecoin. This leads to a symbiotic relationship and a shared pool of miners and supporters.

More importantly, this Litecoin vanity address started accumulating on June 14th right around the time Elon stated he is buying.

It's pure speculation that this is his wallet, but whoever it is they are most likely sitting back thinking of Litecoin and Mars.

Will you become a Mars HODLR?


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