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Launching Today: Unleashes Limitless Litecoin Block Data Exploration! goes live today!

This brand new block explorer, gives litecoin users, developers and miners a new look at Litecoin's mempool (unconfirmed transactions), block capacity and utilization, fee rates, and transactions. is a fork of Bitcoin's

This graphic shows the unconfirmed block on the left hand side of the dotted line. On the right it shows the last 3 completed blocks, the number of litecoin transactions in each one and the block space utilization level.

This graphic shows the average block times, the expected difficulty adjustment increase, and time of next adjustment to occur.

This graphic shows some of the most recent transactions and the USD equivalent amounts along with the associated litoshis (1/100M of a litecoin) per virtual byte of data.

This graphic shows the last 6 blocks, the litecoin mining pool that won the block reward and mined the block along with the block size.

When clicking on an individual block, it shows further details including the total fees and block rewards (subsidy).

This site can also be used to look up transaction ids (hashes) and the litecoin addresses. is now the go site for getting real-time data on Litecoin's network.

These tools provide better visibility and understanding of how the network functions and gives enthusiasts, traders, and developers better information.

The litecoin foundation has stated that "We’re also looking to add support for MWEB transactions, OmniLite assets and ordinal inscriptions. As an open source project, we would be happy to receive any help interested developers. So please, get in touch if that's you"



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