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Lite.Space: Get Funded, Igniting Litecoin's Future, One Project at a Time!

The Litecoin Foundation has unveiled a new platform known as Lite.Space, designed to enable users to showcase their project ideas and seek community funding, akin to bounties—reminiscent of a Kickstarter model. Read the official blog announcement here.

Teams, projects and companies can also apply for grants general grants and even long term grants.

The site offers (3) different application types:

  1. Lite.Space Website Listing: Feature your project on our platform and attract potential community donor support.

  2. General Grants: Access quarterly grants from the Lite.Space General Fund will support impactful Litecoin projects.

  3. Long-Term Support Grants: Dedicate support to vital Litecoin framework projects, ensuring ongoing development and maintenance.

How did this get started? It was a grassroots idea from one of the litecoin supporters who goes by Indigo Nakamoto on X. Which raised 22 LTC to port over the Bitcoin Ordinals software to Litecoin. Next, another popular litecoin supporter, Grant who runs the LTC Underground podcast and weekly X spaces suggested the idea of establishing grants for litecoin projects. Grant was always destined to create the idea of Litecoin Grants.

These ideas, in turn, prompted the Litecoin Foundation to port over—a funding platform for Bitcoin projects—into the innovative Lite.Space concept.

The projects and grants will be reviewed by Charlie Lee, Alan Austin, Jay Milla, David Schwartz and Indigo Nakamoto.

Along with advisors who are also developers Loshan and Anthony.

Here are some of the completed bounties that inspired the launch of this site.

What idea or project do you have or are currently working on that could use some more community support or a grant to enable your idea, project and company to grow?


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