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Litecoin Completes Largest Upgrade Since Creation of Bitcoin With No Issues

The hard work over the last 4 years went live with no hiccups, no issues, and as smooth as the next block in the blockchain.

At block height 2,265,984 the Litecoin MWEB upgrade went live. In this first block, 1.24994470 LTC was pegged into and used the new feature. This was a historic moment and upgrade to money.

After the upgrade, Litecoin still maintains being the network with 100% uptime and zero downtime for its entirety. Even better than Bitcoin. Litecoin just works day in and day out.

As of this writing, there are now 246 LTC pegged in and using the new MWEB feature. As adoption and awareness continue to grow, the use of this feature will only increase. Wallets will continue to add support for this upgrade so keep an eye out for them to be announced in the future.

Wallets using Litecoin MWEB will give users the ability to send and receive litecoin using confidential transactions or standard transactions.


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