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Litecoin Continues to Lead BitPay Transactions, Outshining Bitcoin in December

The December stats are out now for BitPay, and guess what? Yes, Litecoin remains the most used crypto for payment on BitPay! Litecoin continues to dominant for the second month as Bitcoin is ironically now second best.

The latest data shows that Litecoin gained even more usage up now at 38.25% of all transactions, holding the top spot from Bitcoin, which has slipped a little down to 23%.

The increasing fees and congestion on the Bitcoin network likely has led to more people choosing to use LTC.

Just last month Litecoin was also highlighted as being accepted at Microsoft.

Litecoin is often described as a perfect substitute with no tradeoff for security, decentralization or speed. Plus its widely accessible across various platforms, including PayPal, Venmo, Robinhood, and Coinbase. Also, it is recognized as one of the three digital commodities listed by the CFTC.

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In contrast to Bitcoin's median fee of around $10.13, Litecoin has a significantly lower fee of just $.001. This drastic difference shows how Litecoin just makes sense for payments. And as the second oldest crypto after Bitcoin, Litecoin's adoption and usage is only rising on its own merits.

One other interesting stat is the total transactions by crypto. We can see that Litecoin now has 109k transactions, with Bitcoin leading at 115k transactions on BitPay. Both are neck and neck. Could Litecoin potentially surpass Bitcoin in total transactions also?



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