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Litecoin Goes Global: Mastercard Partnership Brings Litecoin Card to UK and Europe

The Litecoin Card, is now available to residents in the United Kingdom and Europe, according to a recent announcement made by the Litecoin Foundation and Unbanked. This expansion is a significant step forward for Litecoin adoption, as it will allow Litecoin users in the UK and Europe to spend their litecoin all across Mastercard’s global network.

The Litecoin Card program has been available in the United States for more than two years using the Visa Network, and its success in that market played a significant role in the decision to expand to the UK and Europe. The addition of the Mastercard network to the Litecoin Card program will give users in these regions access to millions of merchants worldwide, making it easier for them to spend their Litecoin.

The use of the Mastercard network in Europe and the Visa network in the United States is a major advantage for Litecoin adoption. It provides litecoin users and litecoin awareness to millions of merchants across both networks.



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