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Litecoin is Best For Onchain Payments

Litecoin is built for payments. It's fixed supply and pre-programmed monetary policy also makes it a sound form of money and a form of long-term savings.

Bitcoin can process about 350k- 450k transactions a day on-chain. Litecoin at least 4x more (More now with MWEB) and Litecoin has 4x quicker confirmation times 1. This matters. Furthermore, the Lightning Network is not exclusive to Bitcoin.

Litecoin is limited to about 1.4M-1.8M transactions per day. If Litecoin MWEB can scale Litecoin 10x (Thanks Charlie) This means it can process 14 to 18 million transactions per day.

While people get distracted by the exchange delisting news, they are ignoring Litecoin MWEB's true potential. We will see more and more Litecoin adoption because it's a coin that people love to use, and it's a good business decision.

Furthermore, with Litecoin MWEB it means businesses don't need to have their balance on show to the world. Not enough people are considering this. How about other cryptos?

When Litecoin is clearly better for payments, the free market should pick the best option. If you look at crypto adoption by businesses they don't just accept Bitcoin they accept multiple coins because it's good for business. It brings in more people.

Two US Senators have introduced a crypto bill which, if passed, would make purchases under $200 tax free when using crypto. This is super bullish for Litecoin. It's the best coin for on-chain payments. Even more bullish news: 75% of US retailers plan to accept Crypto and stablecoins within 2 years. More adoption and very bullish for Litecoin

As Charlie Lee says:

"Bitcoin and Litecoin go hand in hand"

"Litecoin is built for payments"

"Bitcoin is digital gold and Litecoin is digital silver"

Both are needed to bring civilization forward.

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This article is my opinion and is not financial advice.



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