Litecoin Is Consistently Shown In the Top 3 On Mainstream Media

When cryptocurrency tickers are shown on mainstream media like Fox and CNBC, Litecoin is usually shown alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why is this important? Well, Litecoin has a market cap that is 100x smaller than Bitcoin and 50x smaller than Ethereum. Yet, the Litecoin network adds 1.5x more new addresses each day than Ethereum and is adding 34% of Bitcoin's new addresses daily.

Furthermore, Litecoin out of the (3) has the longest continuous run-time without any chain rollbacks or code bugs. In fact, Litecoin has never had any issues since it was created over 10+ years ago. Many think Litecoin is a test net for Bitcoin, but I will argue Bitcoin has been the testnet for Litecoin. Bitcoin has had two early bug issues that caused the chain to go down for 6 hours and 8 hours. Ethereum did a rollback on the network after the Ethereum DAO was hacked. While Ethereum did not go down, Ethereum rectified this by hardforking into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.


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