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Litecoin Leads: MWEB's First Mobile Wallet Transaction Elevates Litecoin as the Best Peer to Peer Electronic Cash

Updated: Mar 6

The first Litecoin MWEB transaction on a mobile wallet took place today. The Litecoin development team has been diligently working on rolling out the next Litecoin Core update and LTC suite to all mobile wallets and even hardware wallets giving them the ability to support Litecoin MWEB.

The first wallet to offer this feature will be Litewallet, which is the official litecoin mobile wallet from the Litecoin Foundation. Testing is nearing the final stages with a final rollout at the Litecoin Summit conference in Nashville this summer. Download the Litewallet now, and be ready to upgrade the app to turn on the new feature.

So what exactly is Litecoin MWEB? Well it does is a bunch of things. It provides scaling, privacy, and fungibility features into Litecoin. This is something that even Bitcoin lacks today. This sets litecoin apart from the rest with the best tech better aligning with the Satoshi bitcoin whitepaper and early emails recently released. Remember, Satoshi set out to make peer to peer electronic cash. By definition this would need to have privacy, be used for normal day to day transactions and have near zero fees. Litecoin wins in all of these categories. This is why Litecoin is the best version of p2pec.


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