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Litecoin Mentioned In HBO series "Industry" S2:E3

In season 2 - episode 3 "The Fool", aired on Aug 15, 2022. In one of the scenes, Yasmine the main character is asked about dogecoin and litecoin by her client. She doesn't seem to know much about cryptocurrencies and asks her co-workers more about them. She then invites one of them to dinner to explain further.

Summary from HBO: Industry gives an insider's view of the blackbox of high finance following a group of young bankers as they forge their identities within the pressure cooker environment and sex and drug-fueled blitz of international bank Pierpoint & Co's London office.

Industry is created and executive-produced by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay; executive-produced by Jane Tranter, Lachlan MacKinnon, Ryan Rasmussen, and David P. Davis, along with Ben Irving for BBC; co-executive-produced by Ed Lilly; produced by Lee Thomas and produced for HBO / BBC by Bad Wolf.

Summary from IMDB:

The high of landing Bloom soon wears off when Harper suddenly finds herself stuck between rivals at Rican Healthcare's investor event - and at the mercy of Eric's frustration. After attempting to lure her father's business, Yasmin is forced to curry favor with Celeste. Meanwhile, unexpected doors open for Gus while tutoring Bloom's son, Leo

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