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Litecoin Now Accepted To Buy Elon's New Burnt Hair Cologne on Boring Company Website

Elon announces his "Burnt Hair" cologne, calling it "the finest fragrance on Earth!". You can also pay with Litecoin along with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and of course Elon's favorite Dogecoin.

Here are the steps to pay with Litecoin

  1. Go here

  2. Select "More payment options"

  3. Fill out Contact Information then select Continue to shipping

  4. Then select Continue to payment

  5. Then find and select BitPay - Pay with Crypto then hit the Complete Order button at the bottom

  6. Next select any supported wallet (it doesn't matter) to generate a Litecoin payment QR Code like the one below:

  7. Send litecoin and that's it!


Crypto-Keys Gif.gif
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