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Litecoin October Update For MWEB Development

Each month, the lead Litecoin MWEB developer releases an update on the ongoing updates, integration, and implementations of the new Litecoin feature called MWEB. Since going live in May of this year to Litecoin Core (the desktop version), many other non-custodial wallets have reached out with interest to add and support Litecoin MWEB.

Most recently at the Litecoin Summit David had the chance to get more ideas on how to implement with teams like Cake Wallet, Edge Wallet and Litewallet. It sounds like each wallet will approach the integration of MWEB differently, but David's goal is to:

"provide all of the APIs, p2p messages, and libraries necessary to give each wallet developer the tools they need to go their own way." - David Burkett

There will be some performance, security, and privacy tradeoffs with different approaches to the support of MWEB but should provide a good comparison of each method.

David also discussed a focus on getting view keys enabled which would allow a user to share transactions and outputs with a server to identify which transactions belong to their wallet.

David noted that right now, that also means the server would learn the amounts of your transactions, unfortunately. However, in the future, there is a way this can be done without revealing the amounts to the server.

For the next update, David will be working on full-view key support to LTC Core that can serve as an example for other wallets. After this is out for review then the plan is to start working on the raw MWEB transactions APIs to allow for third-party wallets, in particular, hardware wallets to build MWEB transactions. These new MWEB APIs should be supported in the next release of Litecoin Core if all goes well.



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