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Litecoin Payments Continue To Rise! Now 21% Of All Payments On Bitpay

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The June 2022 numbers are out for BitPay. Once again, Litecoin ranks as the second most popular choice for payments next Bitcoin. Litecoin continues to climb as now 21.21% of users choose to pay with Litecoin this is a continued increase since it was added last year.

Litecoin was the only cryptocurrency outside of USDC to see an increase from the previous month.

Litecoin transactions make up nearly 40% of all of the Bitcoin transactions on Bitpay. This is impressive as Litecoin continues to grow as one of the best payment methods. Litecoin currently trades less than 1% market cap of Bitcoin.

If it traded at a 40% of Bitcoin's Market Cap it would have to increase by 38x. Litecoin currently trades at $50.20 at the time of this article and it would equate to a price of $1,919 if it were to increase by 38x. Perhaps the data from Bitpay is showing that Litecoin is massively undervalued.

If you're interested in accepting crypto through BitPay you can sign up here.


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