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Litecoin Reddit Post on r/cryptocurrency Sparks Controversy

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Most of you who have been a part of the Litecoin Community know that there is quite a bit of bias from the reddit community when it comes to Litecoin. Sometimes posts that have anything to do with Litecoin are automatically removed. Sometimes they're excessively downvoted for no reason. Sometimes they receive hateful comments like, "Litecoin is a shitcoin!" or, "Stupid coin has no reason to exist, just a copycat clone pos!"

But last night the reddit post: "Why Litecoin Could Be A Better Investment Than Bitcoin" wasn't removed, was one of the most viewed posts on the r/cryptocurrency subreddit, and the hateful comments were adequately refuted by your fellow litecoinfam.

The post thus far has received 22,500 views, 26 more upvotes than downvotes with a 61% upvote ratio which means it received about 260 votes total, and 113 comments. This is really good for a post on a neutral subreddit like r/cryptocurrency.

This is the video I created yesterday which was posted to reddit:

The idea of this video was to create a simple, short, and easy to understand investment thesis for Litecoin that could appeal to the average person. Hopefully, we have accomplished this goal. Feel free to share with your friends and family that don't know what Litecoin is or are confused as to why anyone would want to own it!

It does feel like we are gaining momentum in terms of correcting the wrong assumptions around Litecoin. False narratives like "it doesn't need to exist because we already have a good money in BTC", and "it's only use is as a testnet for BTC," are slowly dying. Let's keep on refuting these wrong ideas.

What the Litecoin Community has over any other community is a genuine passion outside of just making a quick buck. Lots of our community members are very open, honest, and realistic about how LTC can aid in the general cryptocurrency movement. We're not trying to be the only money, nor are we trying to promote everything else as a shitcoin. We are just educating the populace on how litecoin can be useful to them and letting them make the decision whether or not to utilize the chain. Let's keep on learning and educating our friends.

Thanks for listening,

-Why Litecoin


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