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Litecoin remains on Coinbase Wallet while others get the boot!

Litecoin continues its uptrend not only in price, but in wallets, active wallets, and transactions. Things look bright for Litecoin. The charts don't lie. Litecoin is rising on the USD charts and the LTC-BTC ratio chart. A breakout perhaps.

Other coins are having a hard time keeping up with the demands. Recently, a very popular wallet, Coinbase Wallet has stopped supporting a number of coins due to "low usage." You can read an article about it HERE. Those coins are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Stellar (XLM), and (XRP). XRP is the most notable drop due to its high rank in Marketcap. Currently standing at #4 if you remove stablecoins. Low usage for a cryptocurrency that is high in rank is not a good look. It indicates the possibility of not having a real use-case. Couple that with the on-going Court Case, and being an XRP bag holder may make you nervous about the future.

Litecoin is standing proud with its high usage, massive conviction, and unofficial title (perhaps official soon) of being a digital commodity. Things continue to look up for Litecoin, while other coins are running into simple problems like usage.


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