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Litecoin Rises On CoinMarketCap Now #16

Litecoin has been steadily climbing by total market cap during this FTX fallout. Even as most other cryptos make new lower lows with further capitulation. Litecoin has remained strong. Litecoin has moved from #20 to #16 up four spots since the latest price collapse showing its strength. If we remove the stablecoins from the list we can see that Litecoin is now # 12 almost back in the top 10. Also in the past week, Litecoin is down the least compared to the top coins above it.

Checking up on the litecoin price in both USD and BTC terms, litecoin still hasn't made a new lower low compared to the June 13th 2022 capitulation event. This shows that Litecoin is most likely already bottomed and that its strength is increasing as it continues to rise on

To make things even better for Litecoin, Litecoin was also the Coin of the Day on Lunar Crush yesterday 11/11/2022. Lunar Crush is a social data analytics company that uses metrics from Twitter and others to determine an overall score. These intelligence metrics are developed from social mentions and social engagements and show Litecoin's popularity.


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