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Litecoin Surpasses Bitcoin as the Most Used Cryptocurrency on BitPay Payment Platform

Litecoin's addition to BitPay in October 2021 laid the foundation for its remarkable rise in popularity, ultimately leading to its surpassing of Bitcoin this month as the most used cryptocurrency on the platform. With its low fees, fast transaction processing times, and active development community, Litecoin has positioned itself as best cryptocurrency for payments.

Litecoin's ascent to become the most used cryptocurrency on BitPay is a testament to the network's growing importance and utility as digital money. As more merchants and consumers start to use crypto as money, Litecoin is well-positioned to provide low fee and fast payments.

Litecoin's blockchain has been engineered to have the lowest transactional fees, with fees under a penny. Meanwhile Bitcoin's fees are between $1 - $20.

Litecoin is always four times faster than Bitcoin due to it's 2.5 block times, while Bitcoin takes 10 minutes on average.

The clear choice for payments is Litecoin.



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