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Litecoin Will Become Better Than Bitcoin Today

In the next 12 hours, Litecoin will have the largest upgrade since Bitcoin and Litecoin were created.

Why is this the largest upgrade? Well for the past 4+ years, the Litecoin developers have been working to add a key missing feature to Bitcoin and Litecoin. The last missing piece of good money is fungibility. Currently, each transaction on the Bitcoin and Litecoin network is available for anyone in the world to see. Since each bitcoin and litecoin can be determined certain ones can be "tainted" or have a "premium". This lack of fungibility makes the use of bitcoin and litecoin as money more difficult as it could be restricted or not accepted by certain merchants, governments, or people.

With Litecoin's new software upgrade taking place in the next 280 blocks (~12 hours), Litecoin will now add a technology that will make litecoin more fungible.

Hence, Litecoin will now be better than Bitcoin when it comes to being used as actual money, and its use as a medium of exchange. Litecoin is already better when it comes to speed, settlement, and capacity but now it's better money as well.

Litecoin by default can do 4x more daily transactions than Bitcoin, and with this new upgrade, it is expected to be able to do at least 8x more transactions per day than Bitcoin as well since the new technology will increase the block size.

*Litecoin will have high fungibility after Litecoin MWEB upgrade

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