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Litecoiners hate snakes in the grass.

The Litecoin community is the best in the crypto space. Community members come from all walks of life. The Litecoin community spans religions, and ethnicities and is full of the coolest people on earth. The community has been through a lot and has established itself as a positive freedom loving group of people. #Litecoinfam has trended on Twitter and there is an understanding that people who promote Litecoin, are wholesome. Respectful, intelligent, creative, hopeful, and comedic are just some of the words to describe true Litecoiners.

What Litecoiners don't like, are snakes in the grass. Those vile opportunistic people who try to cheat and trick others. These are the type of people who use platforms including Litecoin to get a leg up on the competition. Using nefarious strategies to enrich themselves and hurt others. They like attention, they like deception, and they are in fact snakes in the grass. Think of the venture capitalists who have attacked Litecoin time and time again. Some even pretend to like Litecoin, to gain traction, and then flip the script and attack LTC. Snakes in the grass are not welcomed in the Litecoin community. There is no place for them. If you have ulterior motives, the Litecoin community will do its best to shield you away.

Since Litecoin is decentralized, anybody can join the network. And like Bitcoin, will certainly attract non-ideal people. Even criminals. However, the LTC community strives to be positive and shun bad actors. The Litecoin community continues to strengthen in numbers, unity, and gravitas. If you are a snake in the grass, you're not welcomed here.


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