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Mcdonald's In Switzerland Could Easily Accept Litecoin As Payment In Addition To Bitcoin

A recent video posted by Bitcoin Magazine shows how cryptocurrency can be used to make purchases at your favorite fast-food restaurant. In the clip, we see a person purchase their morning coffee with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin lightning payment was fast and easy using the Bitfinex Pay service on a Gocrypto point-of-sale device at a Mcdonald's in Lugano, Switzerland. Both Bitfinex Pay and Gocrypto Elly wallet support Litecoin payments as well in addition to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is usually the first shown or demonstrated since it has the market share, but it's likely that Mcdonald's if chosen, could also have accepted Litecoin as payment quite easily.

It's only a matter of time before similar Bitcoin and Litecoin payment solutions and these point-of-sale devices are at every fast food restaurant.

When visiting the Bitfinex Pay webpage, you are greeted with a flashing banner that announces with cryptocurrencies are available. Litecoin is one of the many that are accepted.

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