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Miners Successfully Signal For Taproot On Litecoin

75% of the Litecoin miners have signaled to add Taproot, and will go live after the next two-week window. Taproot was first implemented on Bitcoin last year, and is now being added to Litecoin.

Taproot is the first major Litecoin software upgrade since SegWit was implemented in 2017. Taproot enables additional features to the Litecoin protocol such as:

  • Increase network efficiency

  • Lower costs of complex transactions

  • Introduce new developer capabilities

  • Improve user privacy, and

  • Allow for less intrusive future upgrades

For those interested in participating or supporting this change, you can upgrade to Litecoin Core version v0.21.1 when it is released.

Litecoin is also upgrading to add MWEB, which will be the largest upgrade for Litecoin and will separate Litecoin from Bitcoin as it will add privacy features and fungibility, which is the last missing characteristics of great money.

There are two pages tracks the activation thresholds for Litecoin's MWEB and Taproot upgrades.


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