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Montana Bill Will Boost Litecoin Mining: The Future is Bright for Miners In The Treasure State

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Recently, Daniel Zolnikov a Montana State Senator sponsored Montana State Bill No. 178, which aims to revise Montana's laws on cryptocurrency and digital assets. This bill has several key provisions that will impact Litecoin mining positively in Montana.

Zolnikov was ranked by Forbes in 2014 among the top "30 Under 30" policymakers in the nation.4

REP. DANIEL ZOLNIKOV (R) - Montana Senate District 22

Firstly, the bill prohibits discriminatory digital asset mining utility rates. This means that utility companies in Montana will no longer be able to charge different rates for different types of digital asset mining operations, thus promoting a level playing field for all miners.

Secondly, the bill restricts local government powers related to digital asset mining. This will prevent local authorities from imposing undue restrictions or regulations on digital asset mining operations in Montana.

Thirdly, the bill prohibits taxation on the use of cryptocurrency which litecoin would be included as a payment method. This will help promote the use of litecoin and other cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment in the state and remove any financial barriers for those looking to use them.

The bill also provides for digital assets to be classified as personal property. This means that digital assets will be treated the same way as other forms of property and will be protected by the state's property laws.

Finally, the bill amends sections 7-1-111, 15-1-101, and 70-1-108 of the Montana Code Annotated (MCA) to align with the new provisions of the bill.

The bill was recently passed as amended by the committee, and it moves on to the next stage of the legislative process where it may be considered by the full Senate. The bill will continue to move through the legislative process until it is either signed into law or fails to pass.

The Montana State Senate Bill No. 178 is a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry in Montana and will benefit Litecoin. Its provisions will promote fair competition, prevent local authorities from overstepping their boundaries, and remove any financial barriers for those using Litecoin and others as a form of payment.



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