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MWEB June 2023 Update: Integration Progressing Steadily

David Burkett, the lead developer for the integration of Mimblewimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) into Litecoin (LTC), released another monthly update on the progress of the project. The June 2023 update signifies another milestone as the MWEB implementation continues to be merged with Litecoin's v24.x codebase.

The integration of MWEB is a significant development for Litecoin, aiming to enhance both the scalability and privacy of the network.

The May 2023 update marked the successful resolution of all functional tests for the pre-MWEB merge task, and the code was subsequently submitted for review. Moreover, considerable strides were made in merging the previously-released MWEB code, with the majority of this task being completed.

Additionally, Burkett began studying Bitcoin's descriptor wallet code and exploring different ways to support MWEB keys and addresses using descriptors.

The Path Forward

In his latest June update, Burkett reported that the initial MWEB code has been merged into the v24.x codebase and will be submitted for review soon. However, there were a few obstacles that slowed the progress, particularly on the wallet side.

The wallet code integration proved more challenging than the node logic, which was relatively modular. The complexity of Bitcoin's wallet code refactoring over the past releases necessitated a slower, more tedious merging process.

Despite these challenges, significant progress has been made:

- The pre-MWEB Litecoin integration into Bitcoin's v24 codebase has been reviewed.

- The previously-released MWEB code is merged and waiting for review.

- The design for enabling MWEB address support for descriptor wallets is in progress.

Other tasks are also underway, such as the implementation of view key support, finishing the PSBTs implementation, and outlining the design for payment proofs.

Looking forward to July 2023, Burkett aims to implement MWEB address support for descriptor wallets.

The Litecoin community keenly awaits the completion of MWEB integration, as it promises to bring significant improvements to the platform's privacy and fungibility, ultimately setting Litecoin up for future growth. The ongoing updates provided by Burkett ensure that the community stays informed of the project's progress. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming months.

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