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#MWEBisComing - 93% Signaling!

This morning @SatoshiLite announced both ViaBTC and Binance's LTC mining pools began signaling for MWEB and Taproot activation.

Barring any unforeseen surprises, MWEB will likely lock in the next signaling window which begins at block 2,249,856. If so, MWEB will activate about 5 weeks from today.

If you are interested, you can follow the signaling progress in real-time by visiting

Charlie Lee also suggested there is a chance that Taproot locks in this current window and if it does, will subsequently activate in about 3 weeks.

This is a huge accomplishment by the Litecoin Foundation team, Charlie Lee, David Burkett, and all who worked tirelessly for the past couple of years on developing MWEB into Litecoin. David Burkett yesterday noted that after MWEB has been activated and proves to be stable he and the team will begin to build a C Library which can be called to create MWEB transactions and identify outputs belonging to a wallet. This is a critical step to giving 3rd party wallet developers additional tools to help them more easily integrate MWEB functionality into their code. David also stressed that the community should have patience with wallet developers when it comes to bringing MWEB to market stating: "It's difficult to add MWEB capability to LTC wallets, especially light clients. Do encourage wallet devs to support MWEB, but understand that it will take them some time. Be patient with them." - David Burkett

Will MWEB have an impact on price action? Maybe, but the way I see it is this is a time to celebrate the hard work of all parties involved in bringing MWEB to "lite"!


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