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Ray Dalio Asks What Is The New Money

Ray Dalio was interviewed at Davos 2022 the World Economic Forum conference held every year in Davos, Switzerland. He was specifically asked about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Watch the clip of the interview below:

There were two specific outcomes from the interview.

  1. He asked what is the new money?

  2. He asked what types will allow for money to move between countries, that is a medium of exchange and a store of wealth.

The question is what cryptocurrencies could Ray be eluding to?

Bitcoin and Litecoin today both are considered candidates for new money, they both allow for money to move between countries as a medium of exchange and since creation have been a store of wealth.

Litecoin most recently with it's latest upgrade provides better privacy, fungibility and medium of exchange than Bitcoin as its network can handle millions of on-chain transactions compared to Bitcoin that can only hand .4 million per day.


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