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Researchers From TU Wien And UC Berkley Publish Paper And Reference Litecoin's MWEB Technology

Two researchers, Georg Fuchsbauer from TU Wien and Michele Orrú from UC Berkely published a paper titled "Non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions, revisited".

The paper proposes a new protocol building upon non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions from Gary Yu, a Grin developer, and ideas from David Burkett a Litecoin developer. The protocol is considered for implementation by MimbleWimbleCoin with a variant now deployed as MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) on Litecoin.

The paper discusses the advantages of Mimblewimble which includes confidential transactions, CoinJoin, and Transactions Cut-through providing privacy, scalability, and fungibility. The paper also discusses the non-interactive variant of Mimblewimble included on Litecoin with MWEB and discusses limitations and alternative methods for cut-through and how stealth addresses are created.

The paper also includes in-depth and highly technical assumptions and proofs on the security analysis of Mimblewimble non-interactive transactions looking at inflation resistance, theft resistance, transaction-binding, and transaction privacy.

The paper is published on the International Association for Cryptologic Research website and is available here.



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