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The Creator of Litecoin Is Always Helping Selflessly

On the day that Litecoin is having the biggest upgrade in all of crypto. Charlie is trying to reach out to two Litecoin miners about the upgrade.

He went to Twitter recently to try and notify them before they will potentially miss out on Litecoin rewards. Nearly all of the Litecoin miners have upgraded, but a few miners have yet to upgrade. These two miners make up 1% and 3% of all the Litecoin hashrate globally. If they don't before the new Litecoin upgrade goes into effect they will be mining invalid blocks and won't earn some of the litecoin block rewards.

Yeah, I’m trying to help them not lose that much money. Someone with 3% of the network hashrate makes about $15,000 a day mining LTC. - Charlie Lee (Litecoin Creator/Developer)

Charlie is clever, he is pulling out all the tricks to notify these two miners. He even went out to create a special litecoin address that has a message in the address saying "LUrgentUpgradeToMWEBNeeded11". He sent a small amount of LTC to each miner address and used the message address as the change address. The message address is an un-spendable address and will be in the UTXO set forever.

View both transactions here. Transaction 1 and Transaction 2.

Even in the final hours of the arguable the biggest project of Charlie Lee and Litecoin, he reaches out to help others. Perhaps, the name SatoshiLite is fitting.


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