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There are 39 Litecoin ATMs in Ukraine

*It is most likely the case these ATMs are drained of cash. So may not be useful to convert litecoin into dollars or hryvnia at this time.

Litecoin is available in Ukraine at 39 ATMs spread out throughout the country.

These ATMs allow for people in Ukraine to convert the local currency (hryvnia or dollars) into litecoin, Alternately, it also allows for Ukrainians to be able convert litecoin into hryvnia or dollars and spend locally.

Bitcoin in particular is becoming useful as a way to send aid to Ukraine. It is reported over 4.3M dollars have been sent using Bitcoin to Ukrainians to provide them aid during this tragic time.

Many people, only see the Bitcoin in the headlines, but don't realize that Litecoin usually follows in Bitcoins steps. There are 39 Litecoin ATMs in Ukraine and would be able to provide another method to send aid.

There are 8 Litecoin ATMs in the capital city of Kyiv.

Here is a Litecoin ATM Map link that can be used to find local ATMs in Ukraine and surrounding countries.


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