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Two different Litecoin NFT Marketplaces are being built

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

There are two different teams working to build the worlds first Litecoin NFT marketplace. These two projects are called Omnizaar and LiteVerse. Both created twitter pages in February of 2022, and are starting to gather developers to implement the marketplaces.

The first litecoin NFTs were minted September 2021. NFTs on the litecoin network, make the most sense because Litecoin's blockchain is the worlds most reliable network, it's decentralized and has the capacity to handle future growth and has low fees. As an artist, you want to make sure your NFTs will have longevity, and won't be lost if a network were to go away, becomes unreliable, or get 51% attacked.

Litecoin NFTs use a second layer technology called omni that Bitcoin also uses. The implementation of Omni on Litecoin is known as Omnilite.

Competition, between these two marketplaces will help drive better UIs, and ideally allow for Litecoin NFTs to be sent between each marketplace and have the royalty data travel with the NFTs.


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