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Volunteering for Litecoin is cool.

I have been in "crypto" especially Litecoin and Bitcoin since March of 2017. And besides Twitter, I really wasn't engaged in any community. I would go to the occasional Meet-Up but it was time-consuming and always at a bar. Where I had to spend money and not stack Litecoin. Many of the topics I wasn't really interested in. Like DEFI. I enjoyed the conversations and thought it was pretty cool but I really wasn't interested in talking about the hot new altcoin. I kind of knew where it was going. What I really wanted to talk about was sound money and its implications. Sure, some of that happened, but not a lot. That aligns more with Bitcoin Maximalism or Gold Bugs and I'm not either one of those.

So Litecoin Twitter was really the only thing going on. I wanted to get more knowledge and wanted part of my life to be dedicated to the project of sound money. So I decided to try and be a volunteer about a year ago. And I'm glad I did. I volunteer as customer support for Litewallet. Yes, I do need to know some technical things, but nothing too complex. If you didn't know, Litewallet is a great wallet for Litecoin. With many new exciting updates coming soon.

I get to work with incredibly talented people and get to talk about Litecoin at a high level. That is exactly what I wanted. Something other than the fiat life I am forced to live. I also volunteer to write articles like these. And it has provided me with some intellectual sustenance. That is exactly what I was craving. I am so glad that I got more involved in the Litecoin Project. It has opened up my mind and has only grown my conviction for Litecoin. Litecoin conviction is strong and I'd say in terms of conviction the top three coins are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

At the bottom right of this website you will find a Volunteer Link. If you'd like to volunteer, I would recommend doing so. Even if there isn't a specific role to do, being a Litecoin ambassador is sufficient. Litecoin is an open-source project that welcomes all walks of life with various talents. Perhaps your talent, is exactly what is needed.


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