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Want to test out MWEB before launch?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Litecoin developers and users are testing out the latest litecoin upgrade on testnet. The testing is useful to iron out any issues prior to activation of the new mimble wimble extension block upgrade.

Users who want to help test out the release code on litecoin testnet can do so by joining the telegram channel for Litecoin MWEB development. You will be able to work along side litecoin developers such as David Burkett, Loshan, and Charlie Lee, along with many others.

If you run a windows machine the latest release code can be found here:

After you install the latest Litecoin Core software. Once it installed and syncs to the network go into Settings > Options > Open Configuration File. Then enter in testnet=1 to run Litecoin Core on the testnet where it uses testnet litecoin. The sending and receiving addresses all start with t, tmweb or tltc.

You can also compile the code here for more advanced users:

Join the telegram channel here:


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