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Why Litecoin Delisting Rumors is FUD

The new FUD that Litecoin haters like to bring up is the 'Exchange Delisting News'

The 2 Korean Exchanges have only said Litecoin "could" face a delisting, due to the MWEB upgrade. It hasn't happened yet.

MWEB is an opt-in feature, it's not mandatory.

The team at the Litecoin Foundation worked with exchanges prior to MWEB going live and received overwhelming support. Exchanges like Binance officially supported the upgrade in their mining pool.

To add, blockchain analytic providers like Elliptic have already shown support for MWEB. For exchanges, this will be important to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

DeFi exchanges are growing faster than Centralised Exchanges.

I would love to see more Litecoin acceptance from DeFi. A coin with optional privacy features could be very appealing.

It should also be noted that other opt-in privacy coins like Dash and Zcash are widely available from Centralised Exchanges. More people than ever before are becoming aware of how important privacy is. This is a growing market with heaps of demand. Nothing will stop this trend.

Any exchange that delists Litecoin will only hurt themselves. Not Litecoin. Privacy is a fundamental human right.

As Litecoiners, we should refuse to do any business, with any exchange, that delists Litecoin

As MWEB is an opt-in feature it will be a process of education that accepting Litecoin poses no additional risk compared to Bitcoin.

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