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Zelensky signs Virtual Assets Law in Ukraine

Today, the Ministry and Committee on Digital Transformation of Ukraine announced that the Ukraine president has signed a Virtual Assets into law that establishes a legal market.

Signed Law:

  • determines the legal status, classification and ownership of virtual assets;

  • determines market regulators - the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market;

  • creates conditions for further formation of the legal field in the market of virtual assets;

  • determines the list of providers of virtual assets and conditions of their registration;

  • provides for the implementation of financial monitoring measures in the field of virtual assets.

The National Commission on Securities and Stock Market will:

  • to form and implement state policy in the field of virtual assets;

  • determine the order of turnover of virtual assets;

  • issue permits to virtual asset service providers;

  • to regulate, supervise and financially monitor this area.

Read English translation here:

Read original version here:


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