Litecoin to Bitcoin Ratio

What is the LTCBTC Pair?

  • Litecoin is like silver to bitcoin's gold. Litecoin's price has a proven cycle range to bitcoin price since 2011

  • Litecoin has oscillated around 1.2% of bitcoin price, with cycle highs of 2.5% and cycle lows of .0042% 

  • This ratio is expressed in the LTCBTC pair. The pair cycles from .025 LTCBTC to .004 LTCBTC

  • Litecoin historically has 4x-6x more than bitcoin from cycle lows

Litecoin can return 4-5x more than bitcoin


Buy Litecoin

Swap Bitcoin for Litecoin

1 Bitcoin buys about            Litecoin

at previous cycle highs 1 Bitcoin would buy about 40 litecoin

There have been 6 cycle swing trade opportunities since 2014.


The 7th cycle low has started. This cycle low is a time to trade Bitcoin for Litecoin. 

All new fiat should be converted to Litecoin

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At today's bitcoin price we expect litecoin's price to be at:

                  at 100:1
                  at 66:1
                  at 50:1
                  at 40:1
                  at 16:1
                  at 4:1