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95% of Litecoin Miners Are Preparing For Litecoins Largest Upgrade

Litecoin developers released a status on the ongoing Litecoin MWEB upgrade. The upgrade requires 75% of the litecoin hashrate signals for the upgrade prior to activation.

The litecoin developers are in communication with (6) different mining pools that make up 95% of the litecoin mining hashrate.

A real-time Litecoin MWEB pool upgrade status sheet has been released to track the updates as miners test the upgrade and begin signaling on Litecoin Mainnet.

As of Today, Antpool has signaled on Litecoin Mainnet and tested the upgrade on the Litecoin Testnet successfully mining testnet blocks.

Binance making up 3% of the hashrate has successfully tested on Litecoin Testnet, and appears ready to signal next on Litecoin Mainnet.

To achieve 75% of the hashrate signaling for the Litecoin MWEB upgrade, the following mining pools would need to signal. There are two combinations of miner signaling that would reach the 75% minimum threshold.

Combination 1: Via BTC (30%), LitecoinPool (23%), F2Pool (17%), and Antpool (8%) = 78%

Combination 2: Via BTC (30%), LitecoinPool (23%), Dpool/Poolin (14%), and Antpool (8%) = 75%

The next signaling window opens in 8 days and last for 2-weeks. It's likely that Litecoin's largest upgrade of all time occurs in the next 3-5 weeks. Follow along to see the miner signaling on this website:


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