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A Litecoin-backed Euro? Now 20 Litecoin Addresses with 300k Coins Each as Croatia Joins the Eurozone

In January 2023, Croatia became the latest country to join the eurozone, bringing the total number of countries using the euro as their official currency to 20.

Interestingly, this development also coincided with the creation of another Litecoin address holding 300k litecoin, which correlates with the number of countries in the eurozone.

I wrote about the possibility of Litecoin backing the blue euro in August 2022. When there were 19 countries using the euro and there were exactly 19 litecoin addresses holding 300k litecoin. read the article here:

The creation of a 20th Litecoin address, now holding exactly 300,000 Litecoins coincided with Croatia adopting the Euro. This additional litecoin address was first filled in December 2022 and wasn't fully filled until February 10th 2023. These dates directly correlated with Croatia adopting the euro in January 2023.

The correlation between the number of Litecoin addresses holding exactly 300k and the number of countries in the eurozone is noteworthy. Could it be possible that the EU is backing the blue euro with Litecoin? and each country that joins gets 300k litecoin?

If this is the case it highlights the potential for litecoin to play a significant role as digital-money and the likelihood of being a reserve currency.

Here is a list of the 20 countries using the euro:

  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. Cyprus

  4. Estonia

  5. Finland

  6. France

  7. Germany

  8. Greece

  9. Ireland

  10. Italy

  11. Latvia

  12. Lithuania

  13. Luxembourg

  14. Malta

  15. Netherlands

  16. Portugal

  17. Slovakia

  18. Slovenia

  19. Spain

  20. Croatia (added January 2023)

At the time the 20th address started getting filled (LSeYs4tos4oLFBDuYzNj6mtM1BJWTM2PaM) 2 of 300k addresses split up into 101 smaller UTXOs leaving 18 litecoin addresses with exactly 300k litecoin.

Here are the two addresses:



This was August 2022:

This is now:

The fact that the 20th Litecoin address was filled with 300,000 litecoin at the same time Croatia joined the eurozone shouldn't be overlooked. Perhaps it's just a coincidence or perhaps countries are adopting litecoin right before our eyes. Which do you think is more likely?

If you recall several years ago, Christine Lagarde released the "blue euro", perhaps it was a signal to the world that litecoin would back the euro in the future.



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